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It's alright, cause there's
beauty in the breakdown
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June 24th, 2006
[ mood | tired ]

so you guys are gunna love me =) . . ill make this one public i suppose. i havnt updated this thing in tons of months so, i suppose i have a bunch of new pictures, i got an awesome new camera. sweet sweet zoon, detachable flahshes, buncha new things on it, its very fun.

most of these are random but one night, me and my bests all took a limo into prov to see the R rated hynotist, hit up the cheesecake factory then went to the beach till 2am and came home.

some are from matts graduation.

some are from me and danielle decoration ryans car while he was at work haha he thought he was funny walked out of my house and says "later smelly kelly" ohhh we got him back lol & drew all over his car, it was all a joke of corse.

i got some crazy pictures of lightning of the sky at the mall.

i got some pictures from my cousins graduation party


ones of my mess of a room before i cleaned it haha.

and some are of the first beach trip of the sumerr =)

hope everyone is enjoying there summer by the way!

and the rest i dont know just look through them and comment. id appreciate it, im making it public for a reason. now commment <3


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tonsCollapse )
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February 3rd, 2006
guys. i know i have done this for alot of you. so for once im asking you to do it for me. if you refer me on this you also get signed up and you get a free IPod nano. really, i swear. someone called me and made sure my mailing adress was correct. please do it. it would be highly appreciated.

well time for work now
come on do it for meeeee <3

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December 13th, 2005
i need a new layout either pierre bouvier (simple plan) or hilary duff i know ive seen some floating around in communities but if someone could make me a custom one id love you forever. let me knowwww.
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December 13th, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


you cant view the pictures
i will not updated anymore
not for public
you must be added


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June 7th, 2005
so i graduated high school sunday it was hot as Hell
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May 21st, 2005
well, simple plan sucked.
not simple plan themselves they were amazing of corse
but fucking good charlotte, god, why big arenas whyyyyy
and why 10 year old fukcing kids. so gay!

lisa got backstage passes from ashley i got to talk to her for a few.
and i was standing wth lisa talking to ash
and she went back to get some passes
and stupid fucking me, left
why do i always do that ?

and let me tell you, there was no girl in sight around pierre :)
thats fucking amazinG!
when they come back to conneticut (pierre said he was)
me and lisa are going together , caaaaant wait!

and i dont feel like uploading pictures right now
i will later on
and if anyone knows how to upload a video onto livejournal
please tell me because i wanna show you all

oh i also showed pat my tattoo, he looved it.<3
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May 11th, 2005
[ mood | content ]

okay justin is the cutest boy evah
im so glad i met him <3

mirroredhate83: only way i'll hush is if you kiss me<3

okay your adorable, him AND his girl jeans <3
i miss that kid, havnt seen him since october
and him and jesse got pulled over for racing me and Kelsea and palin and josh, oh maaaan good times haha

well the concert is one week from today
im soooo hanging/hooking out/up with patrick! ♥
and then the next day (thursday) were going to six flags
simple plan is there also <3 <3

well i Kind of have a headache
so i think im going to lay down
then watch american idol
my prediction : Vonzell or Carrie are GOOOONE later bitches!

anyways, immm out
you ♥ me
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May 10th, 2005
[ mood | sick ]

my throat hurts
and christy bought the simple plan cd
im proud
and theres my update.
be happy
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May 8th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

something , i find highly amusing, you wont unless your cool haha ♥

i <3 patrick

i'll be the girl that you can count on to rooock your worldCollapse )

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May 7th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

hey guys.
i got my tattoo last night
& people lie okay? it didnt effing hurt haha

& id do anything for youCollapse )

well i want everyone to comment and let me know what they think!

sooo my grandfather got drunk last night.
and he hit his head really hard and fell
he has a 4 inch gash in his head
the back of it. its bad.
his head was like really bleeding
and he was druuuuunk
so, he REFUSED to go to the hospitol
even when the ambulance got there
he told them
"get the fuck out of my house"
so i was pissed at him cause he could slip into a coma when he sleeps from head injuries and they said he could be bleeding internally so who the hell knows, but he told me that he didnt care if he talked to me and blah blah and him and my nana are divorced (thank god) so it was 10pm last night and i was at my grampas and aunts house so i called my nana but she was in bed but i was crying really bad and just wanted to talk to her. but ill see her today sometime so its okay. but he really hurt me. i dont understand why people fucking drink. this is the reason im straight edge.

well im out
comment on the tattoo and stuff
♥ Me

<3 patrick & pierre !

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May 2nd, 2005
[ mood | ecstatic ]

yesterday was the simple plan and ludacris concert in new york. it was amazing except for the fact that it rained a little bit. we left at 7am and didnt get hom till 11pm. i gave pierre his birthday cards and he got my attention and personally thanked me for them. i got the dvd signed by all of them i got david to say he loves heather haha and i got pierre to say he loves me. and i also got to kiss pierre.

then when simple plan was off stage i got to hang out with pat (merch/website) for two hours. if you know simple plan you know him. he is the coolest guy ever even though ive hung with him way more then just yesterday and i hung out behind the merch table with him and by the end of the show he had me help hand out t shirts and stuff with him. i got to kiss him also haha and he kept hugging me cause i was cold. i got a ton of pictures of him haha. i asked him if pierre had a girlfriend he said no. he doesnt have a girlfriend either. im also going to hang with him in providence and springfield the 18th and 19th of this month so he told me to develope the pictures of me and him and get him some so im doing that as we speak.

the restauraunt pierre used to work in was St Juberts. i FINALLY found out, no ones ever known that. he gave me his orange juice and stuff haha it was great. we talked for hours. they all went out saturday night to a bar. and didnt get home till 5am. and i got up at 5am and he got up @ 11am i guess and he was exhausted haha. poor boy.

anyways i got to meet all the guys.
i asked pierre to marry me and he gave me the thumbs up
so im now engaged haha.
i got to kiss pierre and patrick ( i have pictures )
so it was an amazing day and im still gunna see them a couple more times this month and he said we co uld hang on the 18th when i see him :]

i also gave pat his black music life bracelet i walked away for a minute then came back and he pulled up his sleeve pointed to it and smiled lol cause he had it on and he said he'll leave it on. <3 chuck got his to!

ill meet you thereCollapse )

ill have more pictures tonight or tomorrow for you guys to see

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April 27th, 2005
[ mood | content ]

Do it for me and id do it for youCollapse )

4 days :]

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April 26th, 2005
[ mood | calm ]




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April 25th, 2005
[ mood | sad ]

well today just isnt my fucking day

i am feeling very sick today
it sucks :[
i fucking also had to go to the dentist today
and i have four effing cavities and have to get all my wisdom teeth pulled out and if you know me you know i hate dentists and doctors. :[

and right now matt is burying sox in the back yard and im so fucking sad its making me cry. i fucking loved him so much i really cant handle this.
i miss him so much already. id unno what to do with myself anymore

im just so stressed out ive had headaches all damn week no clue why and now we have school all week and ahhh just fucking kill me seriously its gunna be one of those weeks.


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April 24th, 2005
[ mood | happy ]

hey dudes.
it got nice out today huh?
suprising i didnt think it was going to
i had an okay day.

i went to the mall @ like 11 this morning with my nana and andrea and we went shopping which was effing amazing because i recieved a credit card yesterday [!!]

then we went out to eat @ TGI fridays it was good.
then we got dropped @ my house and andrea went tanning.
then we picked her up there
went to feed all the horses
then we went to the outlets
and i went into rue 21

then we went in there & it was so effing funny first off i got a shirt that says "save a wave, ride a surfer ♥" its beautiful! but then andrea found a shirt she wanted that said this girl loves to talk but the only small left was on the maniquin sooo andrea pullled it off of it and the fucking head fell off when she did i was crying i was laughing so damn hard and the lady there got SOOOO pissed at us i was like...fuck you haha its your job to fix it.

so i bought that shirt for 10 bucks
i got two tanktops for 5 bucks each
a flower to put in my hair
and a track jacket (green) that says california for 20 bucks
i made out pretty good
also flip flops for 3 bucks
im the flip flop queen im telling you!

then i went into pac sun and bought a new pair of tilt jeans.
& now im home

im getting dismissed from school tomorrow
because i have a dentist appt @ 1030 so whatev
and i havnt been in two years so im fucked haha better brush gooood in the morning! haha

well time to take a shower now
write later this week.
bye kiddied

[[ seven7 [!!] days till im with my husband [&hearts] oh yes new york her we come! ]]

ohMyGosh guess what else haha. dont make fun of me because i like them. i hate eminem but i bought tickets to see him and 50 cent and lil jon and the east side boyz and ggggggg unit! @ the tweeter center in august oh fucking yes haha [!!] 70 bucks a pop though :[ ! !

ill post pictures later ♥
only if u people learn to comment!

RIP sox ♥

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April 23rd, 2005
[ mood | crushed ]

@ about 7:20 pm tonight my hampster sox died in my hand. i'll miss you buddy and i'll always love you.♥♥♥

if you guys have pets im sure you know how hard it is to lose one & if not im sure you cant even imagine it happening.

this is why i can't believe

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April 22nd, 2005
[ mood | bitchy ]

im pissed at alot of people
i decided im not going to prom
its to fucking expensive
and just not my type of thing.

id rather use my money on like concerts and stuff.
i like music alot better then preppy whores. k ?

i get paid today. i needa buy stuff for the concert next weekend :]
i cant fucking wait to see my baby ! !
im taking my mom out for dinner tonight
because her birthday was on tuesday and this is what im doing.

i have no plans tonight
does anyone want to hang out ?

oh damn im in the worst mood right now
everyone just really sucks. like bad.

im wearing my role model shirt today thoughhhhh
i miss my boys very much & they autographed this
soooooo i wear it and wear it and wear it. because they wear it.

sooooo im not sure what to write about.

yesterday was okay. went to the mall with danielle till about 5 then we walked over to target and stayed there for 3 hours trying on high heels and shit haha theyre goofy. i have pictures to prove. ill put them in later.

then heidi and matt picked us up and we went to the mall quickly and matt ran in then we went back to heidi's & saw the kittens and stuff and then we all went to friendly's for ice cream and stuff. so it was cool

but im bored now
i gotta figure something out to do
later ♥

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April 19th, 2005
[ mood | tired ]

im tired
im not sure what to say
senses fail is in prov right now.
i could have gone but chose not to. // just because
im really cold right now for some reason
& really really tired. it'll be an early night
i just want to put on some pj's.
its going to be 85 degree's out tomorrow. thats cool.
i have to work tomorrow 7 - 10:30 that sucks
which means i have to get up at 5:45 which succcccks double.
maybe i shouldnt sit out in the sun tomorrow cause i have a sunburn and the sun seems to be making me really tired.i looook wicked tan though :]

jen i miss you i cant wait just 12 more days then simple plan time. which im fucking physched about haha ludacrissss...i cant believe he's gunna be there to haha. im so glad i won tickets to this it rocks. i cant wait to see you its been far to long. <3 <3 <3

gabby have fun w/ gia tonight @ senses fail // love you

ehhh i have nothing to write about.

my auntie lisa's mom passed away this week it was sad. i feel bad
& my // my dads uncle joe passed away today which sucks we just had his 100th birthday party earlier this year. its sad...i knew him pretty well.

ehhh im gunna go okay

if i could choose it's only you ♥ !!Collapse )

goodnight ♥

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April 18th, 2005
[ mood | exhausted ]

well // me and danielle and andrea and matt and my mom and my dad all went to the boston marathon today and of corse we baked in the sun and got wicked sunburns haha


well it was fun. we ate lunch there and stuff i bought some earings.

rudy raced today he got third im fucking ripped at mike he fucking was in the lead the whole damn time with the horse then fucking let him slow down. SOOOO EFFING STUPID WHY WHY WHY! "your my boy blue"

now my moms gunna make us dinner
and i have to get up and go to work at 7am. haha im only working till 9am though so whats the damn point right? whatever though im free for the whole day tomorrow. so leave me some plans!

danielle got the top of her ear pierced today. i dunno i can get anywhere on my face pierced but only my two bottom holes on my ears....cant do the cartilage piercings sorry haha.

ahhhhh i just scratched my arm and it fucking hurt so bad cause of the sunburn


anyways im outta here

oh and matt dont be a god damn asshole to me. im not one to be known to put up with peoples shit!

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April 16th, 2005
[ mood | happy ]

well. i have the pictures up finally of matt going to prom & the girls , & some pictures of our horse and the cat at the barn. & some pictures of the sky one night & some other things. so enjoy it.

the weather is getting so nice out
and now were on spring break
fuck yeaaaaah

yeah well instead of just those pics. i just cleaned out my photobucket haha so theres a ton of pictures including

me, christy , andrea , nate , matt , bruce , danielle c, bryanne , pj , and everyone in fucking between haha enjoy!

aruba,Jamaica ouuu i wanna take yaCollapse )

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